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Conference Agenda

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Tuesday, 01 Apr 2014


Internet of Things

 Opening Keynotes
Energy Harvesting: Enabling Technologies for The Internet of Things
Dr Harry Zervos, Senior Technology Analyst
United States
09:00IBM Software Group
The Internet of Things in Practice
Mr Peter Niblett, Senior Technical Staff Member
IBM Software Group
United Kingdom
The 4th Industrial Revolution
Elaine Cook, Strategic Marketing Director
Benefits of Energy Harvesting for Reliable Wireless Networks in the Process Industry
Dr Kai Koenig, Scientist
11:20Disney Research, Pittsburgh
Paper Generators: Harvesting Energy from Touching, Rubbing and Sliding
Dr Emre Karagozler, Post-Doctoral Researcher
Disney Research, Pittsburgh
United States
11:45EnOcean GmbH
Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Nodes Enabling an Internet of Things
Mr Frank Schmidt, CTO and Founder
EnOcean GmbH
12:10Analog Devices & SolarPrint
A Highly Efficient, Self-Sustaining System Solution for PV Energy Harvesting
Mr Brendan Daly, System Applications Engineer
Analog Devices & SolarPrint
12:35Award Presentations
 The Low Power Ubiquitous IC Revolution
14:30ARM Germany GmbH
Big Data Begins with Little Data, Internet of Things
Mr Juergen Jagst, Segment Specialist Automotive Systems
ARM Germany GmbH
15:20Atmel Corporation
The Next Evolution Of Wireless Connectivity To Meet IoT Requirements
Mr Kaivan Karimi, Vice President & GM
Atmel Corporation
United States
Tackling the Challenges of Accuracy, Reliability, Range and Density in RTLS Systems Thanks to UWB Technology
Mr Mickael Viot, Marketing Manager
 IoT Systems & Platforms: How We Are Going To Make Money
16:45Cisco Systems
Scaling the Internet of Things (IoT)
Mr Rafael Maranon-Abreu, Product Manager
Cisco Systems
United States
17:10Deutsche Telekom, Inc.
Driving the M2M business - New business opportunities through innovation and partnerships
Mr Markus Breitbach, VP Global Sales and Marketing
Deutsche Telekom, Inc.
United States
Enabling a Secure Connected World - Building Blocks for a Successful M2M Application
Mr Andreas Haegele, VP Portfolio M2M
18:00Day 1 Ends

Wednesday, 02 Apr 2014


Internet of Things

Printed Electronics

Energy Harvesting

 Applications & Case Studies of the Internet of ThingsSystems Integrations and SolutionsSolar Energy Harvesting
09:00Volvo Cars Corporation
RFID in Automotive Industry - One Unique Solution at Volvo Cars
Mr Yvan Jacquet, Project Manager - Data & Rfid
Volvo Cars Corporation
Thin Film Electronics ASA
A Smarter Everyday Powered by Printed Electronics - Bringing Intelligence to Everything
Dr Davor Sutija, CEO
Thin Film Electronics ASA
G24 Power Ltd
Driving the Desirability of Dye Sensitised Solar Cells
Dr Mark Spratt, Technology Officer
G24 Power Ltd
United Kingdom
   Wireless Power
09:25Ubisense AG
RTLS as Key Enabling Technology for the Internet of Things in Smart Factories: Real-Life Examples
Dr Andreas Schuerzinger, Senior Technical Consultant
Ubisense AG
Ynvisible, SA
Designing with Printed Interactive Graphics for Consumer Packaged Goods
Mr Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, Chief Business Development Officer
Ynvisible, SA
WiTricity Corporation
No Wires, No Batteries: Wireless Power Over Distance
Mr David Schatz, Vice President of Sales & Business Development
WiTricity Corporation
United States
09:50TRW Conekt
Roadside Monitoring System - the Intelligent Crash Barrier
Mr Roger J Hazelden, Technology Leader, Sensors & Optoelectronics
TRW Conekt
United Kingdom
PragmatIC Printing Limited
Printed Electronics Building Blocks, Integration and Costs for Volume Production
Mr Joao De Oliveira, VP Business Development
PragmatIC Printing Limited
United Kingdom
Imperial College London
Wireless Power: Mid-Range Inductive Charging and RF Harvesting
Dr David Yates,
Imperial College London
United Kingdom
   Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
10:15Wearable Technologies AG
Connected Body - Connected Life
Mr Harry Strasser, Managing Partner
Wearable Technologies AG
Building Supply Chains for Smart Packaging
Dr Alan McClelland, Commercial Manager
United Kingdom
Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting for Industrial Waste Heat Recovery
Dr Hirokuni Hachiuma, General Manager
  Wearable Technology 
Central Monitoring and Troubleshooting of IoT Networks - Meeting the SLA Challenge
Mr Rubi Elbirt, VP Business Development and International Sales
Textile Integrated Printed Electronics
Mr Akseli Reho, CEO
Marlow Industries
Thermal Energy Harvesting Applications Update - Seven Years of Volume Production + Advanced System Design Trials
Mr Stefan Ikelman, Market Manager
Marlow Industries
United States
Real-time Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks for Satellite and Spacecraft Applications
Dr Philippe Dallemagne, Deputy Section Head
Ohmatex ApS
Power in Fibre Form: the Development and Application of Solar Cells and Storage in Textiles
Mr Christian Dalsgaard, Founder - Advice & Development
Ohmatex ApS
GMZ Energy
Energy Harvesting using Solid State Thermoelectric High Temperature Power Generation Modules
Ms Cheryl Diuguid, CEO
GMZ Energy
United States
 Integrated Circuits & Power Management  
12:05Texas Instruments Incorporated
Harnessing free Energy: Ultra-low Power Energy Harvesting Circuits for Smart-Buildings, Wearable Devices, and Factory Automation
Mr Niranjan Pathare, Sr Marketing Manager
Texas Instruments Incorporated
United States
Printed Electronics Use in Wearable Products
Dr Joan Vrtis, Sr. Director, Interconnect Technology Center
United States
RGS Development BV
Harvesting of Energy through Affordable Manufacturing of Thermoelectric Materials
Mr Maarten den Heijer, CEO
RGS Development BV
  New Sensor Technologies and Systems 
Realization of Batteryless Solutions with Spansion Energy Harvesting PMIC
Mr Wolf Fronauer, Industrial Marketing & Application Manager
Printed Optical Sensors : A Disruptive Technology for Industry 4.0 and Internet-Of-Things, Connected and Smart Objects, Innovative User Interfaces for Display and Consumer Products.
Mr Laurent Jamet, ISORG Co-Founder, Director Business Development
University of Glasgow
SiGe Microfabricated Thermoelectric Materials, Devices and Generators
Prof Douglas Paul, Director of the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre
University of Glasgow
United Kingdom
   Smart Glass
14:05Fraunhofer IIS
Maximizing Power Output of Energy Harvesting Systems with Optimized Power Management
Mr Henrik Zessin, Project Manager
Fraunhofer IIS
Joanneum Research
PyzoFlex® and the World of Human-Machine-Interfaces
Mr Gregor Scheipl, Scientist
Joanneum Research
Research Frontiers Incorporated
[KEYNOTE PRESENTATION] SPD-SmartGlass: It is Everywhere You Look
Mr Joseph Harary, CEO
Research Frontiers Incorporated
United States
14:30Microdul AG
The Advantages of Using an ASIC in Energy Harvesting
Dr Phil Poole, Director Semiconductors
Microdul AG
New Applications and Opportunities for Printed Sensors
Dr Guillaume Chansin, Technology Analyst
United Kingdom
Arup Deutschland GmbH
SolarLeaf - Energy Harvesting and Bio-Adaptive Shading
Dr Jan Wurm, Associate Director | Materials Consulting
Arup Deutschland GmbH
 New Technologies Enabling the Internet of Things  
EPIC's Battery-Free SensingDecals and SmartLogos: IoT for the impossible!
Mr Wolfgang Richter,
PST Sensors
Printed Silicon Technology: Sensors and Other Applications
Prof David Britton, CTO
PST Sensors
South Africa
Argil Inc
Printed Electrochromic Film for Architectural and Automotive Applications
Dr Damoder Reddy, Founder & CEO
Argil Inc
United States
15:20Zoho Corp
Smartphone Innovation to Complement M2M
Mr Sudhakar S Marthi, Vice President Global Business Development
Zoho Corp
City University of Hong Kong
Printed Flash Memories and Sensors
Dr Roy Vellaisamy, Assistant Professor
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
New Applications of 3G Switchable Film Face Huge Markets
Dr Jenson Wang, CEO
United States
 The Standards Dispute  
Standards are Slow, but not Stupid - What you may Expect from the oneM2M Global Initiative on M2M Standardization
Dr Joerg Swetina,
University of the West of England
SIMS: A Smart Integrated Biosensor System
Prof Tony Killard, Professor of Biomedical Sciences
University of the West of England
United Kingdom
Switchable Sun Protection Glazing: Technologies, Construction And Performances
Dr Alexander Kraft, Authorised Officer
  Printed Electronics Closing Keynotes 
Standards are Stupid: Why You Should Stop Waiting, and Just Ship Something
Mr Jordan Husney, Strategy Director
United States
Imperial College London
Status of Semiconductor Development for Organic Solar Cells and Thin Film Transistors
Prof Iain McCulloch, Professor of Polymer Materials
Imperial College London
United Kingdom
Philips Research
Novel Concept for Smart Windows
Dr Kars-Michiel H Lenssen, Director /Principal Scientist
Philips Research
   The Future
17:05 Sunchon National University
Scalability of Roll-to-Roll (R2R) Gravure Printed TFT Backplane for Smart Wallpaper
Prof Gyoujin Cho, Professor
Sunchon National University
Robert Bosch GmbH
Autonomous Sensors
Dr Tjalf Pirk, Corporate Research
Robert Bosch GmbH
17:30 PARC, a Xerox company
From Printing Materials to Printing Hybrid Systems
Dr Janos Veres, Program Manager
PARC, a Xerox company
United States
How Passive RFID is Enabling the Internet of Things
Mr Raghu Das, CEO
United Kingdom
17:55Day 2 EndsDay 2 EndsDay 2 Ends

Wednesday April 02, 2014

Applications & Case Studies of the Internet of Things (09:00 - 12:05)

09:00 - 09:25 "RFID in Automotive Industry - One Unique Solution at Volvo Cars"
• RFID Background in car manufacturing
• New Identification concept for production steering
• UHF solutions and integration
• Results and Experiences and Future
09:25 - 09:50 "RTLS as Key Enabling Technology for the Internet of Things in Smart Factories: Real-Life Examples"
• Overview of how real-time location systems are used to control manufacturing processes
• Key differentiators: a critical look at the reliability of location information
• Worked example: RTLS-based process control in automotive final assembly
09:50 - 10:15 "Roadside Monitoring System - the Intelligent Crash Barrier"
• Road safety enhanced by intelligent crash barriers
• Low power multi-function wireless sensor array mounted on the crash barrier
• Wireless sensors detect and classify adverse weather conditions and crash events
• Data used to automatically warn approaching drivers and to summon emergency assistance if needed
10:15 - 10:40 "Connected Body - Connected Life"
  • Megatrends Wearable Technologies & IoT
  • Connected body interacting with a smart environment
10:40 Break
11:15 - 11:40 "Central Monitoring and Troubleshooting of IoT Networks - Meeting the SLA Challenge"
Information from the IoT connected devices is just 'expected' to be available and up-to-date.
But actually for the data to get to the cloud it should be transferred from different networks, using multiple/still-evolving protocols and implemented by a variety of vendors - interoperability in the lab can not address all issues.
In light of these constraints, some of the challenges to address include:
  • Having an out of band monitoring and troubleshooting path that is transparent to protocol changes and vendor implementation
  • Analyzing remote M2M wireless and wire-line networks via non-intrusive probes
  • Automatic preemptive fault identification
  • Independent data logging - for debugging and audit purposes
  • Providing tools for service providers - helping to meet SLA
  • Supporting of both low level call center needs as well as sophisticated, professional, back-office personnel
11:40 - 12:05 "Real-time Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks for Satellite and Spacecraft Applications"
• Satellites and spacecrafts are currently relying on dedicated cabled communication means for the ground tests as well as in-flight control applications, for which the rising cabling complexity of the ever-increasing number of sensors becomes unmanageable. The resulting constraints in terms of timeliness and throughput cannot not be met by current wireless standards.
• However, the advances in WSN technologies (both at the physical layer and the protocol levels) allows for the development of dedicated wireless networks based on commercial off-the-shelf components. CSEM has been addressing such bespoke systems for more than 10 years, and has developed an unrivalled expertise in WSN deployments for critical applications.
• The presentation will present the main requirements for intra spacecraft communications. Given the highly metallic structures, IEEE 802.15.4a IR-UWB has been selected. However, the IEEE 802.15.4 medium access control does not meet the needed predictability and performances. The presentation will show the options that were selected to meet the requirements. The talk will show how the chosen solutions may be applied to similar problems in transportation and industrial applications.