A New Sensor Concept Allowing The Simultaneous Non-Contact Electro-Optical Characterization Of Transparent Conductive Layers (Sensors Europe 2018)

Mr Marcus Klein, CEO

Presentation Summary

The device complexity and number of different materials rises with the technology level of advanced products, hence the application of reliable characterization techniques which can be applied already at early stage of the product development and manufacturing is of tremendous importance. Not that just the IC technology is miniaturizing over the years, also the thicknesses of functional layers is reducing, both driven by functionality and economic reason to save materials. Among these functional materials conductive thin-film materials are often used, where the quality of the electrical properties has a huge impact on the later device performance.
Herewith, we will present latest results achieved with our new non-contact sensor concept which will allow the characterization of the electrical and optical properties of thin film materials at the same spot. The electrical characteristics such as sheet resistance will be investigated by non-contact eddy current measurements, while optical properties such as the transmittance, reflectance and haze will be determined. Varying the manufacturing parameters of thin-film materials will directly impact the measurement results, which make them perfectly suitable as a powerful monitoring tool. We will present measurement results of different thin-film materials including transparent conductive oxides, thin metal layers and meshes, carbon nanotube (CNT) layers, and 2D materials such as graphene.
Furthermore, we will correlate our results with homogeneity investigations performed with a separate set-up.

Speaker Biography (Marcus Klein)

Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Marcus Klein is managing director of the SURAGUS GmbH. He got his master degree in Business and Engineering from University of Technology Dresden focusing on microelectronics and electronic packaging. Past working experiences include Siemens Pte Singapore, Wacker Chemie, Advanced Mask Technology Center and Fraunhofer Institute for non-destructive testing Dresden. He is managing director of SURAGUS since 2010.

Company Profile (SURAGUS)

SURAGUS GmbH offers non-contact testing solutions for the thin film characterization (sheet resistance measurement & defect analysis) of TCO, nanowires, graphens, Cu, Al, Zn, for the structural analysis and grammature of carbon fiber materials (non-woven, carbon fiber fabrics, prepreg, CFRP) and for the material characterization of metal and alloy.
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