A Plastic Holographic Waveguide Combiner For Light-Weight And Highly-Transparent Augmented Reality Glasses (Wearable Europe 2019)

Mr Takuji Yoshida, Senior Device Engineer-Development Section 2


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Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

We have developed a unique production process of a full-color plastic holographic waveguide combiner with a light-weight, see-through capability and electrochromic dimming device. The novel plastic waveguide technology enables us to increase design flexibility in the eyewear and to expand the market for augmented reality. This talk presents the approach to production.

Speaker Biography (Takuji Yoshida)

He is a senior optical device engineer. He received his M.E. degree in material science from Waseda University, Japan. He joined Sony Corp. in 1994. He has been engaged in the research and development of Near-Eye displays and optical devices.

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