Advanced Materials For Flexible Hybrid Thermoelectric Generators (Printed Electronics Europe 2018)

Joana Silva, Researcher


Europe 2018 Presentation - CeNTI*
Europe 2018 Audio Presentation - CeNTI*

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Presentation Summary

We seek a hybrid solution consisting of a printed thermoelectric generator (TEG), by combining highly efficient inorganic particles, with organic polymers. We investigated the thermoelectric properties of the composites, by using different polymers and different particle-to-paste ratios. TEGs can provide a sustainable and low-cost solution for wearable energy harvesting devices.

Speaker Biography (Joana Silva)

Joana Silva works at CeNTI in the area of smart materials and printed electronics. She obtained her Master's degree from University of Porto in 2016, following her work on thermoelectrics and spintronics. During her master's studies, she was involved in the synthesis and characterization of ferromagnetic insulators and semiconductors. Later on, at CeNTI, she became involved in printed thermoelectrics. Joana has expertise in the characterization of thermoelectric semiconductors, as well as in the development of thermoelectric pastes for processing via printing techniques.

Company Profile (CeNTI)

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