Applications And Challenges Of Structural Printing Electronics In Aerospace (Printed Electronics Europe 2019)

Mr Giovanni Nino, Director, Composites R&D
Quest Integrated (Qi2), LLC
United States


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Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Speaker Biography (Giovanni Nino)

Giovanni is a multi-disciplinary cross pollinator engineer with 15 years of research and industrial experience in the US and Europe with applications in aerospace, oil & gas, and consumer electronics. He has a wide experience on aircraft design, design and manufacturing of composite structures, multifunctional structures, printed electronics, structural health monitoring, and wearable technologies among others. At Qi2, Giovanni researches on multifunctional systems using printed electronics, embedded sensing networks, structural health monitoring, integration between printed electronics and additive manufacturing, and non-destructive inspection technologies. He has been a principal investigator on several SBIR/STTR projects funded by the NAVY and USAF using additive manufacturing and printed electronics for smart structures. He has 25 patents and patent applications on multifunctional composites structures and sensing systems.

Company Profile (Quest Integrated)

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Quest Integrated LLC. (Qi2) is an industrial technology company located in the Seattle area. With more than 40 years expertise on material science, sensors, MEMS, infrared, laser and ultrasonic instrumentation, and printed electronics, Qi2 researches, incubates, develops and commercializes a wide variety of technologies for aerospace, and energy industries.
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