Best Practices in Industrial IoT Cybersecurity (Internet of Things Applications USA 2016)

Dr Vincent Turmel, Senior Director
Bayshore Networks
United States


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Speaker Biography (Vincent Turmel)

Dr. Vincent Turmel has close to 20 years experience in process automation. He has held roles in projects, application engineering, product management and consulting. He also has nearly a decade of cyber security related experience.
Dr. Turmel has advised major corporations on automation, architecture of control systems and how to keep them secure. He has conducted security assessments on industrial systems ranging from the unit of a plant to a global security assessment program involving many sites.
He is currently Senior Director, ICS at Bayshore Networks, where he helps industrial and commercial corporations secure the critical link between their operations and the enterprise.

Company Profile (Bayshore Networks)

Bayshore Networks logo
Bayshore Networks is a provider of technology that safely and securely enables IT and OT convergence. The Company's award-winning, patented Bayshore IT/OT Gateway™ software deploys in the cloud, providing Fortune 1000 industrial enterprises with unprecedented visibility into their OT networks. This helps protect industrial applications, networks, machines and workers.
The Bayshore Gateway software is distinguished by granular inspection and filtering of network flows, policy building and enforcement, and its ability to detect, parse and segment industrial protocols. Leveraging these capabilities, Bayshore delivers ROI in areas such as M2M cybersecurity, operational continuity and plant safety.
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