Challenging Traditional Processes - 3D Printing And Established Small - Medium Size Businesses (3D Printing Europe 2016)

Mr Amin Torabi, CEO
Sharebot Deutschland


Europe 2016 Presentation - Sharebot Deutschland*
Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - Sharebot Deutschland*

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Presentation Summary

Everyone expects that start-ups are open to the new technologies, the real challenge is to integrate Additive Manufacturing into the traditional process in long standing Small and Medium Size businesses
Amin Torabi from Sharebot Germany looks at the factors influencing choices to adopt AM

Speaker Biography (Amin Torabi)

Amin has over 20 years of product creation experience in the area of wireless mobile devices, software, services, applications, experience of working in Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Japan. He has an MSc degree in Electronics & Communication followed by advanced courses.
In 2012 he turned his attention towards 3D printing to found Europe's first 3D printing store-café and since mid-2014 to head up Sharebot Deutschland. He is focused on establishing Italy's most successful prosumer printer manufacturer in the German market.
He is in daily contact with the 3D printing market through his 3D printing store in Berlin. Amin sees 3D printing becoming well established in industry and is watching the consumer revolution gain momentum. He wants to drive "design thinking through making" into the business process of SMBs and help educate our next generation to see 3D printing as the norm.

Company Profile (Sharebot S.r.l.)

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Sharebot is a young, dynamic firm focused on the realization of 3D printers; an innovative start-up with the goal of producing and developing new technology for the 3D printing world. Sharebot aims to create reliable, easy to use and affordably priced 3D printers which are capable of high standards and professional results. The company strives to promote the 3D printing culture and give full support to its customers via its experts and well developed reseller network. With more than 60 resellers in more than 10 European countries, Sharebot provides high quality working tools to small and medium-sized enterprises.
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