Characterization of Glass Like Barrier Coating with a Differential Pressure Method: Use in Research, Product Development, Fabrication and Measurement Based on Standard (Printed Electronics Europe 2015)

Mr Shingo Nagai, Director
Oike & Co Ltd
Apr 29, 2015.


Europe 2015 Audio Presentation - Oike & Co Ltd*

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Presentation Summary

We discuss about barrier coating performing like a glass. Using differential pressure method, a technique of characterization, evaluation of barrier performance and vision of fabrication is presented. Rapid evaluation in Quality control and traceability to the international system of unit is also discussed.

Speaker Biography (Shingo Nagai)

Mr Shingo Nagai is a senior researching engineer at Oike and co.,ltd. (Kyoto, Japan)
Director at Japan Barrier society (Tokyo, Japan)
Nagai has involved nano technology based on vacuum coating at Oike and co., ltd. since 1998. Effort of development is ultra barrier coating which has been published in several journals. In another activity, Nagai has involved to establish international standard of measurement for determination of water vapor transmission rate.

Company Profile (Oike & Co Ltd)

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Oike has been established to fabricate gold yarn with vacuum metallization technology in 1958. Oike applies thin film coating to plastic foil with vacuum coater or solution coater. Recent applications of Oike products are conductive films, anti-ablation films and barrier films.
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