Chip-Film Patch For Hybrid Systems In Foil - Technology And Applications (Printed Electronics Europe 2019)

Dr Christine Harendt, Head of Semiconductor Integration Technologies


Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Flexible, thin and bendable electronics are desired systems for applications in robotics, automatization, medical and life science. The expected system performance requires the integration of different components such as thin and flexible silicon ICs, sensors and thin-film large-area components. Technologies for the integration of silicon chips in flexible foil systems with chip thicknesses ranging from a few microns up to 50 μm are presented. Applications are embedded multichip modules for industry 4.0 solutions, bendable sensor foils for robotic gripper fingers and smart sensors for medical diagnostics.

Speaker Biography (Christine Harendt)

Christine Harendt received her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Freie Universität Berlin in 1987. The following year she joined the Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart in Germany (IMS CHIPS) where she heads the Semiconductor Integration business unit. She is involved in the development and application of new technologies in combination with CMOS processes. She has participated in several national and international research programmes. Recently she coordinated research projects developing flexible foil systems for applications in robotics and safety in industrial automation and in medical applications. Her current research interests are fabrication, packaging and characterisation of ultra-thin silicon chips and Hybrid Systems in Foil.

Company Profile (IMS)

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The Institut für Mikroelektronik Stuttgart (IMS CHIPS) is a trust foundation under public law in Baden-Württemberg and concentrates on industrial-oriented research in silicon technology, customer-specific circuits (ASIC), nano structuring and image sensor technology. The institute is partner to small and medium scale companies in Baden-Württemberg in particular and cooperates with internationally renowned semiconductor corporations and contractors. Headed by Prof. Dr. Joachim Burghartz, 100 highly qualified employees and visiting researchers focus on microelectronics, micro system technology and nano structuring for industrial application and technological exchange of knowledge. IMS CHIPS is a member of the Innovationsallianz Baden-Württemberg (innBW).
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