Control Your Children's Asthma With Innovative Wearable Technology (Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019)

Mr Jurryt Vellinga, CEO
ItoM Medical B.V.


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Speaker Biography (Jurryt Vellinga)

In 2000 Jurryt Vellinga (40) started his career as a product specialist for high tech measurement systems. Jurryt developed an international business growth strategy, with 95% of the customers located outside of The Netherlands. In 2004, Jurryt was appointed managing director of a multidisciplinary engineering company, which grew from just 2 people to a team of 12.
In 2010, Jurryt joined Inbiolab B.V. as its COO at the same time that senior clinical electrophysiology expert Leo van Eykern came on board. The mission of this startup company was to develop and market clinical applications based on super high quality EMG. In 2015 DEMCON acquired Inbiolab to complement its medical respiratory systems.
After more than 5 years of collaboration electrophysiology projects with ItoM, Jurryt was appointed to lead ItoM Medical.
Jurryt Vellinga brings more than 18 years of experience in international business development, general management and medical product development, together with a broad network in medical specialists. Jurryt holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering.

Company Profile (ItoM Medical B.V.)

ItoM Medical is a medical device development company focused on biometric sensoring with core expertise on electrophysiology. Founded in 2018 as a daughter company of ItoM, combining many years of experience in IC design and embedded system design with expertise in biometric sensing, data analysis, and processing.
ItoM Medical has the expertise to develop best-in-class miniaturised and low-power medical wearable devices in the following areas:
• Electrophysiology amplifier technology, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and photoplethysmography
• Dry and textile electrode technology
• Wireless connectivity technologies
ItoM Medical develops certifiable medical wearable biometric sensors and has its headquarters in Roden, The Netherlands.
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