Cu based Conductive Materials for Printed Electronics (Printed Electronics Europe 2013)

Dr Kazunori Yamamoto, General Manager, High-performance Materials Development Center
Tsukuba Research Laboratory, Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd
Apr 18, 2013.


Tsukuba Research Laboratory, Hitachi Chemical Co., - presentation*
Tsukuba Research Laboratory, Hitachi Chemical Co., - audio presentation*

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Presentation Summary

1. Low resistivity Cu conductive layer
2. Screen printing or Ink-jet printing
3. Highly reliable conductive layer
4. Low temperature treatment for film substrate such as PET film
Cu based conductive materials will be introduced as a paste for screen printing or an ink for Ink-jet printing.
We recommend that patterned printed layer is treated at 180 ℃ under diluted reactive gas atmosphere, then the conductive layer whose conductivity is around 3 micro ohm*cm almost similar to metallic Cu can be obtained. And, if we treat them around 130 ℃ using film substrate, around 14 micro ohm*cm conductive layer can be observed. Those conductive layers show excellent reliability as same as Cu foil.

Speaker Biography (Kazunori Yamamoto)

I graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1982 and received the degree of doctor of Engineering. I joined Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd . In 1983, and engaged in the development of the materials for Printed Circuit Boards as well as die bonding materials for semiconductor devices.
Currently, I am a general manager of the High-performance Materials
R&D Center of Tsukuba Research Laboratory. My technical background is polymeric materials and science.

Company Profile (Hitachi Chemical)

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Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1962, independent from Hitachi Ltd., and the headquarter is located in Tokyo. In 2010, paid-in capital was 15,454 million Japanese YEN, non-consolidated sales was 263 billion Japanese YEN, and the number of employee is 4,095. The principal lines of business are electronics related materials, advanced performance resins & materials, life-science & pharmaceuticals, carbon & ceramics, and automotive related products.
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