CUER: Innovation in Solar Racing (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2016)

Aurelia Hibbert, Programme Director of CUER
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom


Europe 2016 Presentation - University of Cambridge*
Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - University of Cambridge*

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Presentation Summary

Taking a look at how the niche event that is the World Solar Challenge is providing a platform for the development of innovative EV technology and preparing a new generation of Engineers to take on the mission of Sustainable Transport.

Speaker Biography (Aurelia Hibbert)

Aurelia Hibbert is the first full-time Programme Director of Cambridge University Eco Racing. Having completed 18 months of her MEng degree in General Engineering at Cambridge University, Aurelia applied to take a year out to set a new standard for the team. Since taking over the team, Aurelia has led CUER in the 2015 World Solar Challenge beating their previous record and achieving 2047km across the Outback on solar power with their latest car, Evolution.

Company Profile (University of Cambridge)

University of Cambridge logo
Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) is a 60 strong student organisation that designs, build and races solar powered vehicles.
Since their founding in 2007, they have been the UK's number one for solar vehicle development and achieved 2,047km on solar power at the World Solar Challenge in 2015 with their latest vehicle, Evolution.
Their team mission is to inspire as well as innovate. Through exploring new areas of ultra-efficient vehicle technology, they aim to challenge the accepted concept for solar vehicles with their unique design. In addition they provide students at Cambridge University with a learning platform for applied engineering, strategic planning and leadership in the real world.
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