Electrospunned Nanofiber Separator To Make Lithium Battery Efficient, Safe And Bendable (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2019)

Mr David M. Yeung, Co-Founder & CEO
Lionrock Batteries
Hong Kong


USA 2019 _ Lionrock Batteries _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ Lionrock Batteries _ Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

Electrospunned nanofiber separator has the characteristics of high porosity. By adopting suitable polymer formulation, strong and durable mesh is made for battery separator, which effectively holds electrolyte and allows efficient flow of electric ion within battery cell. The nanofiber mesh also safely separates electrodes even when battery cell is deformed and damaged. Lionrock has first launched its nanofiber separators to its batteries for wearable industries. Lionrock is looking into extending the nanofiber separator application to battery cells in other industries as well.

Speaker Biography (David M. Yeung)

Mr David Yeung holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. He has over 20 years of experience in various manufacturing industries, including smart card, mobile phone, watch and smart wearable industries.
Mr Yeung has been exploring flexible energy storage solutions for smart watches and wearables. He is the inventor of Utility Model Patent "Bendable & Detachable Battery Bracelet for Wrist Electronic Device", which was registered at China Patent Office in August 2014. Since 2015, Mr Yeung has been working closely with Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI) in the development of flexible batteries.
In 2017, Mr Yeung has founded Lionock Batteries Limited to focus on commercializing the flexible battery technology.
Mr Yeung is a Director of the Federation of Hong Kong Watch Trades & Industries Limited since 2014.

Company Profile (Lionrock Batteries)

Lionrock Batteries Ltd. is developing and manufacturing flexible rechargeable battery technologies to address the rapidly growing and evolving needs for energy storage in new wearables, medical devices and other consumer IoT devices. The emerging market is projected to reach over $400M by 2025.
Problem: New wearables, medical devices and other consumer IoT devices are constrained by the limitation of convention batteries (size, weight, life span, charge cycle, energy density, etc.) of today.
Solution: Lionrock is introducing a patented nano-fiber separator technology that enables a rechargeable battery that is bendable (repeatedly), ultrathin, light weight and highly customizable "pouch" packaging with excellent safety and cycle life.
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