First Graphene - Delivering The Graphene Revolution (Graphene & 2D Materials Europe 2019)

Dr Andy Goodwin, Chief Technology Officer
First Graphene Limited
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

First Graphene supply high quality PureGRAPH™ graphene products which are high aspect ratio, low-defect graphene nanoplatelets. The products are readily dispersed in coatings and polymer resins and are currently being adopted in industrial rubber products, fibre reinforced resins and construction materials. The company has a 100 tonne/yr manufacturing capability with regulatory approval to supply tonnage quantities.

Speaker Biography (Andy Goodwin)

Andy Goodwin is the Chief Technology Officer of First Graphene Ltd. He has extensive leadership experience in the chemicals industry with Sanofi, Dow Corning Corporation and Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. He is a PhD scientist with business school training and a successful track record in innovation and technology development roles. He is based in Manchester, UK and leads the First Graphene UK business. Andy has been actively involved in the development of the graphene materials industry since 2012.

Company Profile (First Graphene)

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First Graphene is an advanced materials company seeking to position itself in the lowest cost quartile of global graphene suppliers. It has developed an environmentally sound and safe method of converting its supplies of ultra-high grade graphite into the lowest cost highest quality graphene, in bulk quantities. In so doing it is addressing the three greatest impediments to the commercialisation of graphene, being reliable quality at realistic prices in sufficient volumes to facilitate the development of applications in modern materials, energy storage devices, coatings and polymers. It aims to use these competitive advantages to access new technologies and processes and in turn gain maximum leverage to the entire graphene supply chain, from sourcing the raw material to end use, with development of associated intellectual property for licencing and sales.
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