Graphene Oxide Status (Graphene LIVE! USA 2014)

Dr Rune Wendelbo, CEO
Abalonyx AS
Nov 20, 2014.


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Presentation Summary

Graphene oxide (GO) has a history of over 100 years but is only recently finding commercial applications. The work of Hummers and Offeman from the late 1950's still represents state of the art and the basis of the "conventional wisdom" in the field. During the last few years, a range of variations of the so called "Hummers method" have been announced. Our method is also based on the Hummers method, but our most important achievement is on safety, which implies that we are now scaling up production without risk of accidents.
Recent history of GO will be reviewed, including synthesis, characterization, chemical and physical properties. Reported applications as well as future possibilities and challenges are discussed

Speaker Biography (Rune Wendelbo)

CEO / General Manager at Abalonyx AS. PhD from University of Oslo, 1987. Researcher at SINTEF from 1988 - 2005. Established Abalonyx in 2005 and Graphene Batteries in 2012. In Abalonyx, scaling up of graphene oxide has been a central activity in the past 8 years, with the successful verification of a scalable, safe and cheap production process in September 2017. In Graphene Batteries the focus is on graphene oxide to stabilize sulfur in the cathode of LiS-batteries.

Company Profile (Abalonyx)

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Abalonyx is a private company based in south east Norway, a region with strong tradition and competence in materials development and production. The company has specialized in new and innovative materials and has now developed a safe, scalable and cost-efficient production process for manufacturing high quality Graphene Oxide. Graphene oxide is at present offered to customers in Kg-quantities, capacity to be increased to 10 tons/year in early 2015, to be further increased in response to market demand. Abalonyx aims at becoming world leader in graphene oxide production.
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