Graphene - Reaching Consumers in Electronics, Composites, and Batteries (Graphene LIVE! Europe 2013)

Dr John S. Lettow, President
Vorbeck Materials
United States
Apr 18, 2013.

Presentation Summary

• Vorbeck graphene products have already reached the market in electronics, composites, and batteries.
• Vor-x graphene provides advantages to manufactures with simple, low-cost processing and to users with unique properties and high-performance
• Specific graphene-enabled consumer products ranging from bio-diagnostics to batteries with unique form factors will be discussed.

Company Profile (Vorbeck Materials)

Vorbeck Materials logo
Vorbeck provides world-class graphene research and development
Vorbeck has not only developed the world's first graphene products, but we also maintain active graphene research to stay on the leading edge of new graphene developments.
Vorbeck's product development team emphasizes real-world solutions that can fit into your manufacturing process and are cost-effective, while adding unique new capabilities to your products. Vor-inkTM formulations harness the exceptional conductivity of graphene: ultra-flexible and robust inks and coatings for the printed electronics market. In energy applications. Vor-x graphene delivers demonstrable performance gains by breaking traditional technology trade-offs between nattery capacity and power output. In rubber and composites, Vor-x graphene provides exeptional levels of strength, dimensional stability, conductivity, and environmental resistance, opening new application and design possibilities.
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