High Energy Density And Specific Energy Batteries With Silicon Nanowire Anode (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2018)

Dr Ionel Stefan, CTO
United States


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USA 2018 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Amprius' unique, patented nanowire technology addresses silicon swelling by enabling silicon anodes to expand and contract internally, in a very robust mechanical structure. As a result, Amprius is the only entity known to have achieved 1000 Wh/L and 400 Wh/kg levels in lithium-ion cells with a cycle life in the hundreds of cycles.

Speaker Biography (Ionel Stefan)

Ionel Stefan is Amprius' Chief Technology Officer. He joined Amprius in its very early days as a Senior Scientist, initially to lead electrochemistry for silicon nanowire anode-based lithium-ion batteries. Dr. Stefan now leads Amprius' development of silicon nanowire electrochemistry, cell technology -- including material design, cell design and engineering -- and product development.

Company Profile (Amprius)

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Amprius is a leading manufacturer and developer of high energy and high capacity lithium-ion batteries, with products that enable new and mission critical applications in aerospace and air mobility.
Amprius' silicon anode technology was originally developed at Stanford University and enables dramatic improvements in the energy density and specific energy of lithium-ion batteries.
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