How 3D Printing will enable the future of Direct Digital Manufacturing (3D Printing USA 2015)

Dr Kenneth H. Church, President and CEO
nScrypt, Inc.
United States


USA 2015 Presentation - nScrypt*
USA 2015 Audio Presentation - nScrypt*

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Presentation Summary

Direct Digital Manufacturing will be the next manufacturing revolution. The future will include sophisticated manufacturing that is localized thus reducing the complexity of product shipping and excess storage. Time savings plus the reduction of material waste will result in cost savings. This future will be enabled by 3D Printing and Printed Electronics on a single platform and that future is here.

Speaker Biography (Kenneth Church)

Kenneth Church, Ph.D. is a scientist and entrepreneur. He has developed, published and patented on a wide range of topics including electronics, RF, photonics, water, tissue engineering, materials and sensing. Combining these areas, he has focused on digital manufacturing processes and specifically on Printed Electronics and 3D Printing. He is currently working on projects for a number of private companies both large and small and is also working on projects for the Army, Navy, Air Force, DARPA and NASA.

Company Profile (nScrypt, Inc.)

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nScrypt is a capital equipment company that provides equipment for the manufacturing floor and research labs for micro-dispensing, 3D printing and Printed Electronics. nScrypt's unique approach to precision is enabling for back end electronic packaging. In addition to standard manufacturing, nScrypt was first to combine 3D Printing, Printed Electronics, Pick and Place, milling, laser processing, pre and post Z scanning and a full vision package for complete automation. Options for this are on a single platform or multiple platforms with multiple nozzles that are integrated together in a standard production line to increase through put.
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