How To Revolutionize Automotive And EV Sectors With Advanced Composite Materials And Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing & 3D Electronics Europe 2020)

Josè Antonio Almenara, AM Specialist
CRP Technology

Presentation Summary

Automotive and EV indystry are experiencing a new renaissance, which is driving engineers to find innovative, cost-effective solutions using 3D printing. The paper describes the application of Windform® reinforced composite materials in the construction of several 3D printed functional parts for Automotive, EV.
The development of Energica's supersport electric motorcycles will be also discussed.
The session also investigates why 3D printed parts in Windform® materials allow for integration of electrics and electronics; pros & cons of 3D printing in the EV and Automotive industries; future potential uses of 3D printing in the design and construction of EV and Automotive components.

Speaker Biography (Josè Antonio Almenara)

He spent several years between South America and North America. In 2004 he moved to Italy to study Mechanical Engineering. He began his career in 2007 as consultant for F1 Scuderia Ferrari Team.
He managed the R&D department of a company specialized in design and machinery production for automotive and industrial machinery sectors. Since 2014, he has worked for several engineering companies in the field of International business development. He graduated in Marketing and Business Organization (University of Modena). He currently collaborates with CRP Technology for the development of new technologies and materials in the field of Additive Manufacturing.

Company Profile (CRP Group)

CRP Technology is headquartered in Modena, Italy. It is distinguished by its know-how in Selective Laser Sintering technology. It offers part production for short- and low-run production, and prototyping services with advanced 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing solutions. As a material provider, CRP Technology develops, manufactures and sells its proprietary material Windform® for Laser Sintering.
CRP Technology specific application fields including but are not limited to: automotive and motorsports, design, aerospace, UAVs, marine, entertainment, defense, and packaging.
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