Is Metal Mesh the "ITO Replacement" for Touchscreens? (Printed Electronics Europe 2013)

Mr Bob L Mackey, Principal Scientist
Synaptics, Inc.
United States
Apr 18, 2013.


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Presentation Summary

In 2013, touchscreens are moving into the notebook and desktop PC market. The Microsoft Windows 8 and Intel Ultrabook standards now require touchscreens. For these larger sizes, greater than 10-inch diagonal, indium tin oxide (ITO) struggles to achieve the necessary combination of conductance, transparency, and low cost. Metal Mesh (M#) is emerging as the key enabling technology for larger touchscreens.

Speaker Biography (Bob L Mackey)

Since 1996, Bob Mackey has been developing new technology in the flat panel display and touch sensing arenas. He joined Synaptics in 2002, developing a number of new touch sensing techniques, including the ClearPad transparent capacitive sensing platform, which is used in mobile phones, remote controls, and music/video players. Mackey holds more than thirty patents in the display and touch sensing fields. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Caltech and is a Hertz Fellowship recipient.

Company Profile (Synaptics Inc)

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Synaptics (NASDAQ: SYNA) is a leading developer of human interface solutions for the mobile computing, communications, and entertainment industries. The company creates leading human interface solutions for a variety of devices including notebook PCs, PC peripherals, tablets, and mobile phones. The TouchPad™, Synaptics' flagship product, is integrated into a majority of today's notebook computers. Consumer electronics and computing manufacturers use Synaptics' solutions to enrich the interaction between humans and intelligent devices through improved usability, functionality, and industrial design. For up to the minute Synaptics news, follow @SynaCorp on Twitter. For more information on Synaptics' products and solutions please visit
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