Line Confocal Imaging In Printed Electronics Automated Quality Control (Printed Electronics Europe 2019)

Ms Sanna Rantanen, VP, Sales & Marketing
FocalSpec Ltd


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Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

FocalSpec LCI sensors can be used in various stages of printed electronics manufacturing process starting from the substrate material development and manufacturing. There, the surface roughness measurement plays a key role. FocalSpec sensors detect all substrate materials be them shiny, glossy or transparent such as glass or PET foil. In addition, FocalSpec LCI sensors can be used for identifying defects such as delamination, scratches or impurities in coated, transparent substrates.
Be it screen printing, inkjet printing or dispensing materials, FocalSpec sensors ensure fast and accurate 3D topography imaging as well as step height and width measurement of the printed structures.
In hybrid electronics industry, FocalSpec sensors are used to inspect cemented or glued components on transparent substrates. In addition to traditional 3D dimensions measurements, air gaps, bubbles and other types of delamination can be studied on or through the transparent substrates.

Speaker Biography (Sanna Rantanen)

MBA, M.Sc. (tech), Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Focalspec with a 20+ years experience in leading technology product roadmapping, r&d and commercialisation in high-tech SME companies

Company Profile (FocalSpec Oy)

FocalSpec is a privately held Finnish high-tech company offering laboratory level measurement precision for online quality control and manufacturing line process optimization. The company operates globally through its subsidiaries in USA and China as well as a skilled network of integrators and distribution partners.
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