Low Power, Reliable Wireless Sensor Networks for the Industrial IoT (Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2015)

Mr Ross Yu, Product Marketing Manager, Dust Networks Products
Linear Technology
United States


USA 2015 Presentation - Linear Technology*
USA 2015 Audio Presentation - Linear Technology*

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Presentation Summary

With the wide acceptance of Internet Protocol (IP), it is becoming easier to process data,
making it meaningful information. To be able to truly place a sensor "anywhere" information needs to be collected, wireless sensor networks must deliver high data reliability yet remain low power to enable all wireless nodes to run on battery power for years or even energy harvesting.

Speaker Biography (Ross Yu)

Ross Yu is the Product Marketing Manager for the Dust Networks product line. Mr. Yu and his team at Dust Networks have made significant contributions to solving the challenges inherent in the exciting field of wireless sensor networking, and Mr. Yu has been instrumental in bringing to market the industry's most reliable and lowest power wireless mesh sensor networking solutions. Mr. Yu holds a Bachelors of Science degree and a Masters of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Company Profile (Linear Technology Corporation)

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Linear Technology Corporation (Nasdaq: LLTC), a member of the S&P 500, designs, manufactures and markets a broad line of high performance analog integrated circuits for major communications, computer and industrial companies worldwide. Linear (or analog) circuits provide an essential bridge between our analog world and the digital microelectronics used in consumer products, wireless communications, networking products, computers, medical electronics, factory automation and automotive electronics. Linear Technology provides customers with high performance amplifiers, comparators, voltage references, monolithic filters, linear regulators, DC/DC converters, battery chargers, data converters, communications interface circuits, RF signal conditioning circuits and many other analog functions.
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