Making Energy Storage Bankable (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2017)

Dr Tal Sholklapper, Co-Founder & CEO
United States


USA 2017 Audio Presentation - Voltaiq*

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Presentation Summary

The unpredictability of batteries has hindered their adoption when compared to complementary technologies such as solar. Here we present a data-driven framework, being used by Voltaiq and our financial partners, that leverages performance data collected across the battery lifecycle to make energy storage bankable.

Speaker Biography (Tal Sholklapper)

Dr. Tal Sholklapper has an extensive record of success as a cleantech engineer and entrepreneur. Prior to founding Voltaiq, he worked as the lead engineer on a DOE ARPA-E funded project at the CUNY Energy Institute, developing an ultra low-cost grid-scale battery. Before joining CUNY, Dr. Sholklapper co-founded Point Source Power, a low cost fuel-cell startup based on technology he developed while at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Berkeley, where he also did his graduate work in Materials Science and Engineering. As a Materials Postdoctoral Fellow at LBNL, he successfully led the transfer of lab-scale technology to industry partners.

Company Profile (Voltaiq)

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For top automakers, consumer electronics and energy storage companies, Voltaiq's battery analytics platform ensures the safety of new products and accelerates the transformational shift in how we use our devices, power our vehicles and balance the electric grid — the new internet of energy. Voltaiq is now partnering with leading finance organizations, providing the battery intelligence to unlock capital and accelerate the global transformation to an electrified economy.
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