Multi Functional Sensors - VocalZoom (IDTechEx Sensors Europe 2016)

Mr Tal Bakish, CEO


Europe 2016 Presentation - Vocalzoom*

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Presentation Summary

In the era of smart cities and smart cars and IOT, sensors are becoming a critical enabler. IOT and Big Data rely on accurate and diverse sensors. Productivity and cost reduction increase the need for multi-function sensors, which can collect more than one type of information. Robustness and scalability require sensors which can be incorporated in infrastructure as well as inside cars or wearables. VocalZoom sensor is the first multi-functional sensor, low cost, small, and robust to environmental conditions, and super accurate, enable new types of applications based on new data which was not visible until today.

Speaker Biography (Tal Bakish)

Tal is the CEO and Founder of VocalZoom. He has 15 years of experience in various markets: networking, gaming, and M2M. Tal is also Founder and investor for other startups related to Cyber, mobility and Big Data.

Company Profile (Vocalzoom)

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Vocalzoom deliver voice acquisition technology, which enable reliable and accurate Speech Recognition, voice biometrics and clear Voice Communication, in real life noisy environments. VocalZoom developed a small and low cost laser sensor which is used as microphone as well as for IOT, biometric, industrial and more.
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