Multi-Nozzle Valved Extruder (3D Printing USA 2016)

David Mantell, Principal Scientist


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USA 2016 Audio Presentation - Xerox*

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Presentation Summary

A new type of extruder enables both speed and fine detail in Fused Filament Fabrication. The single extruder includes multiple nozzles each with its own valve and a high throughput melter. Valving enables shutoff and turn on of filament flow, maintaining the nozzle pressure. All valves open provides rapid printing producing wide ribbons of extruded material that enhance layer-to-layer adhesion. Fine details can be defined with a single or small number of nozzles open. The valves can be opened and closed rapidly enabling detailed edges and patterns even when printing at high speeds.

Speaker Biography (David Mantell)

Dave Mantell has a PhD in Physics from Yale. He is currently a principal scientist in the Microfabrication and Material Ejection Group within the Advanced Technology Group at Xerox in Webster, New York. Most of his 30+ year career at Xerox has focused on ink jet 2D printing. He holds over 100 US patents, particularly in the areas of image processing, printing processes, and printheads. After a transformational meeting with A Sphere, he was exposed to the concept of a third dimension and, despite being a mere 2D square, now believes. He even has a patent in 3D on a new method of printing of chocolates. Please excuse the gratuitous references to the book Flatland by A. Square—a favorite book from Dave's youth, which was so long ago it is surprising he still remembers.

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