Nano Gas Sensor Technology Enabling New Tools In Global Effort To Improve Health And Wellness (Sensors USA 2018)

Larry Eason, Executive Vice President
United States


USA 2018 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Breakthroughs in nano gas sensor technology will make multi-gas sensors ubiquitous, dramatically expanding the granularity and availability of air quality and hazardous gas data. Doctors, scientists, city leaders and citizens will leverage hyper-local information from smart cities, in-home/in-car IoT devices and wearables to reduce exposures and improve human health.

Speaker Biography (Larry Eason)

Larry Eason is Executive Vice President for Corporate Strategy at AerNos, a nano technology-based gas sensor company developing multi-gas sensors for third party integration into IoT devices used for monitoring air quality and other e-nose applications. Larry leads strategy, partnerships, visibility and corporate development, leveraging 34 years working with social impact companies and nonprofits to spearhead collaboration with environmental, health, and Smart City initiatives. Prior to AerNos, Larry was an executive, consultant and senior strategist for multiple startups, organizations and foundations and founded two digital companies. He currently is an advisor to Findability Sciences (Softbank portfolio company), a cognitive computing and artificial intelligence (AI) firm and ProSocial, a social impact agency focused on harnessing the power of entertainment media for culture shift. Larry served as board chair for Healthy Child Healthy World, is a USC Jesse Unruh Fellow and a founding member of Children's Hospital Los Angeles' Digital Advisory Committee.

Company Profile (AerNos)

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AerNos, Inc. develops application-specific nano gas sensors for detecting harmful gases in the environment and for other electronic nose applications. AerNos gas sensors can detect multiple gases simultaneously to the parts per billion. They are tiny, accurate, affordable and use low power. Our sensors are designed to be easily integrated into consumer and commercial product lines such as standalone monitoring devices, non-stationary devices (drones, industrial robots, construction equipment, etc.), modes of transportation, wearables, smartphones, and IoT devices. AerNos sensors are based on breakthrough and proprietary AerCNT Technology. They are application specific systems delivering complete processing and results for plug-and-play integration.
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