New Applications Of Hybrid Multi-Materials And Smart Design (3D Printing Europe 2019)

Mr Richard Gaignon, President


Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

3D Ceram lets users push back production limits. To open up this technology to a wider spread of professionals 3DCeram is sharing its maker experience to propose smart design (multi-function parts) and multi-material solutions. Thus, the new Ceramaker Hybrid is able to print several materials at the same time. Our hybrid solutions are based on SLA process for the subtract, and another deposit technology for the track of the other material(s). In all cases the objective is to have a compatible system between all materials deposited to have cofired system at the end (compatible ceramic material and solid loading)

Speaker Biography (Richard Gaignon)

Richard Gaignon, 3DCeram CEO, graduated from ENSCI French school of ceramic engineer and from HEC MBA.

Company Profile (3DCeram)

3DCeram logo
Since more than 10 years, 3DCeram pioneered the application of 3D printing of ceramics. This year, 3DCeram launched a new ceramic 3D printer with a native resolution of 35 µm which will complete its innovative offer:
• Turn key 3D printing ceramic Lines including Ceramaker printers and all associated services (hotline, training, commissioning).
• Ceramic 3Dmix dedicated to the CERAMAKER printer Alumina, Zirconia, or Hydroxyapathite and on demand formulation: development of your 3Dmix based on YOUR ceramic.
• On-demand 3D printing production. High quality parts, made of 3DMix ceramic pastes developed by 3DCeram, get the same properties as those produced via traditional processes.
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