Next Generation IoT Analytics: Edge To Core; With Distance Deep Learning (Internet of Things Applications USA 2016)

Mr Peter H. Moser, Jr., Director and Account Chief Technologist - Central
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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Presentation Summary

Businesses have long struggled with collecting and analysing remote data generated by machines, applications and people to gain real time, predictive, insight. Some of the many challenges are dependencies on aging, limited or expensive networks; latency when transporting data across long distances; lack of local IT support staff; inclement or limited site conditions for traditional IT infrastructure; and lack of the ability to continually improve the remote insight over time through deep learning. The edge to core platform discussion is about how customers can get the real time, predictive, insight where they need it while continually improving the insight over time through distance deep learning. A platform that reduces the dependency on networks; core data centres; and the need for local IT staff.

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