"No Power" Electrowetting Display Technology (Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2010)

Dr Frank Bartels, Business Director
ADT, Germany
May 27, 2010.


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Presentation Summary

  • electrowetting technology basics
  • transfer of technology to fully bistable displays
  • application aspects

Speaker Biography (Frank Bartels)

Dr. Bartels was born 1956 in Duisburg, Germany. He studied Physics at the University of Duisburg and finalized his Ph.D. study 1987 with work on semiconductor surfaces. After two years in the central R&D group of Siemens in Munich, he changed 1989 to the company microParts. There he was the head of the marketing and sales group and responsible for the selling of the microtechnological products to customers. During this time he intensified his knowledge about the technological possibilities, economical conditions, players of the „scene" and the possible markets of micro technology.
In 1996 he found his own company Bartels Mikrotechnik specialized in innovative applications of micro systems technology (MST) in the branches of classical consumer goods, mechanical engineering and medical technology. Microfluidics, microactuation and micromechanics constitute the company's technological focus today. Meanwhile the company has about 25 employees with activities in two business segments: Bartels microEngineering and Bartels microComponents. Since 2005 he is active as CTO for the company ADT AG /CH and develops electrowetting functionalities for display applications.
The focus of the business division Bartels microEngineering is in the design and development of customized microfluidic solutions. On the other hand, we act as producer and marketer of our own microfluidic products. Bartels microComponents offers micropumps, microvalves and microfilters.
Dr. Bartels is the president of IVAM, a professional association of around 270 MEMS companies forming a microtechnology network.

Company Profile (ADT)

ADT logo
The advanced display technology (adt) group is a Swiss company group focused on the development and launch of the innovative ePaper display technology, called D³-Technology („Droplet-Driven-Display"). The D³-Technology allows to produce printing-like displays in various formats e.g. for small, medium and large scale applications.
Key features of the D³-Technology are: Lowest energy consumption / Real bi-stability / Printing-like optical display quality.
D³-Technology is a display technology using patented electrowetting principles and structures. Liquid coloured droplets are driven by this technology in pixel structures.
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