Printable Siloxane Dielectrics And Conductors - A New Class Of Inks And Pastes For The IoT Era (Printed Electronics Europe 2016)

Dr Juha Rantala, CEO
Inkron Oy


Europe 2016 Presentation - Inkron Oy*

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Presentation Summary

Siloxane based dielectrics and conductors are a novel class of printable materials for printed electronic applications. These new materials exhibit all basic requirements for printable materials including good printability with most common printing methods, good compatibility with various substrates and low curing temperature. However, siloxane based conductive inks and pastes provide several additional benefits such as UV curing for both dielectric and conductive inks, excellent optical properties such as transmission, reflection and color maintenance. Unique feature for siloxane based dielectrics is the tunabilty of refractive index and dielectric constant. We shall demonstrate various ways to utilize these novel materials in some key process needed in range of IoT related devices.

Company Profile (Inkron)

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Inkron is a developer and manufacturer of next generation materials for the Printed electronics, LED, lighting, display, optical, semiconductor and energy storage industries. Our novel and cost effective manufacturing process for nanomaterials, with advanced siloxane polymer chemistry enables the development of a wide range of customized material properties with superior performance advantages in high-tech applications. In addition to Inkron's own product development and offerings, the company also presents the opportunity to its customers and partners to conduct contract development and manufacturing to provide optimized solutions to materials challenges currently not addressed by markets.
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