Prototype Wearable Fitness Monitor Based On Flexible Graphene Sensors For Visible And Infrared Light (Graphene Europe 2016)

Mr Stijn Goossens, Research Engineer


Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - ICFO*

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Presentation Summary

The internet of things promises us a dense network of sensing devices that map the real world into the digital world. Sensors for such ubiquitous sensing purposes should be cheap, invisible and easy to integrate with many different surfaces such as bendable plastic, plastic and glass. Here I will present a novel, graphene based light sensing platform with these properties. We integrated the sensor in a functional and fully flexible wearable for blood pulse measurements (photoplethysmogram). The wide spectral range of the sensor (400-2000 nm) enables many more fitness parameters to be extracted. Furthermore, I will present our activities working towards a CMOS compatible image sensor for hyperspectral imaging based on this novel graphene based light sensing technology.