RAIN RFID Is Enabling IOT, Connecting Billions Of Everyday Things (Panel Discussion) (Internet of Things Applications USA 2016)

Mr Steve Halliday, President
United States
Mr Carlo Carminati, Sales and Marketing Director


IDTechEx Show! USA Presentation - RAIN RFID*
IDTechEx Show! USA Audio Presentation - RAIN RFID*

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Speaker Biography (Steve Halliday)

Steve is the President of RAIN, the UHF RFID Alliance.
He has been involved in automatic identification and data capture technologies since 1980. He is a member of the AIDC 100 and is the 2010 winner of the Richard R Dilling award for services to the AIDC industry. He is also a 2012 winner of the IEC 1906 Award and is a Senior Member of the IEEE.
Steve has had numerous papers and articles published on technology subjects. Steve can be contacted by email at steve@rainrfid.org, web site http://www.rainrfid.org, or by phone at +1 412 368 6850.

Speaker Biography (Carlo Carminati)

Carlo knowledge and competence start more than 25 years ago, by applying his passion for Information
Technologies Systems and Solutions. Traducing the hobby into a job during the studying years (Computer
Expertise, Telecommunication Engineering), he entered in SAIT as a Computer and Telecommunication
Systems Expert, where he quickly integrates his passion and theory with a lot of real projects and customer
requirements. His competence bring him quickly to manage the Operation and Customer Care division of the
company, and in the next years his competence puts him beside the CEO to manage the whole company
business. Nowadays, after 17 years of experience, Carlo is in charge for the business development,
marketing and sales management for SAIT.

Company Profile (RAIN RFID)

The RAIN RFID Alliance is hosted by AIM, Inc. a nonprofit organization. RAIN promotes awareness, education, and initiatives to accelerate the adoption in business and consumer applications worldwide of passive UHF RFID standards developed by GS1 (EPC Gen2) and incorporated by ISO/IEC (18000-63). Information on RAIN is available on the RAIN website or by email at info@RAINRFID.org.
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Company Profile (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)

Samsung SDS was established in 1985, by consolidating Information and Communication Technology(ICT) systems of all Samsung subsidiaries.
Since its foundation, Samsung SDS has provided comprehensive ICT services and contributed to the growth of Samsung Group as a global company.
Samsung SDS has established 17 overseas offices in ten countries starting with SDS America in 1997, and has set up eight data centers in six countries since its first data center in Gwacheon, Korea in 1992.
Samsung SDS's business is organized according to the clients' business environments and needs.
It provides various ICT services such as business consulting,
network system integration (NSI), smart infrastructure engineering (SIE),
ICT outsourcing, business process outsourcing (BPO), ICT infra, and ICT solution.
In case of the composition of researchers at S.A.I.T, close to 40% hold Ph.D degree and in terms of the majors, 37% of researchers here hold electronics major and others spread across the board.
SAIT has 3 research centers, 1 technology center and 1 frontier lab .
Those are Future IT Research Center , Materials & Devices Research Center , Emerging Technology Research Center, Material Technology Center and Frontier Research Lab.
Last year we spent 300 million US dollars for research budget of 1300 employees.
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