RAIN RFID Technology Panel - Tagging Billions Of Items Annually Across Many Industries (Internet of Things Applications USA 2019)

Ms Debangana Mukherjee, Director of Business Development
CISC Semiconductor Corp
United States
Mr Darryn Prince, RFID & IoT Business Head
Microelectronics Technology inc. (MTI Group)


USA 2019 _ CISC Semiconductor Corp _ Presentation*

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Company Profile (CISC Semiconductor Corp)

CISC Semiconductor - We are here to benefit our customers.
CISC Semiconductor is a leading supplier of RFID measurement and test solutions. CISC's core competences include RFID/NFC measurement, RFID/NFC test systems, RFID/NFC standardization, design, modeling, simulation, verification and optimization:
Find and fix reader, tag and system issues in seconds instead of days.
Automated performance tests for tags, readers and systems for the know how to place, track and manage your tags.
Automated conformance tests to save a factor of 100 in GS1, ISO/IEC and other standards compliance tests.
Save time and money. - For your benefit and success!
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Company Profile (Microelectronics Technology, Inc.)

MTI's vision is to be the Best RF provider for leading edge wireless communication partners in the Telecommunication and Satellite Communication Industries.
Established in 1983, Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI) was the first company to specialize in the designing and manufacturing of microwave and satellite communication products in Taiwan. MTI is headquartered in the Hsinchu Science Park, also known as the "Silicon Valley of Taiwan". With additional manufacturing facilities located in Wuxi China, and an R&D center in California U.S.A., MTI understands the importance of worldwide communication, and strives to expand its presence across the globe.