Rapid Prototyping For Functional Printed Electronics Using Inkjet Printing (Printed Electronics Europe 2016)

Mr Pit Teunissen, Printing Process Engineer
Holst Centre/TNO


Europe 2016 Presentation - Holst Centre/TNO*

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Presentation Summary

In the aftermath of impressive technological progress achieved in recent years, product development involving integrated Printed Electronics components has taken up speed tremendously. This presentation will demonstrate Holst Centre's advances in establishing inkjet printing as a highly valuable tool for rapid prototyping and small volume production of flexible electronic devices.

Speaker Biography (Pit Teunissen)

Pit Teunissen finished his B.Sc. in 1999 and then joined Eindhoven University of Technology. He worked on functional materials for applications including LCDs, sensors, actuators and LEDs. In 2006 he joined the Polymer Technology Group Eindhoven BV. Research topics included inkjet-printing of functional materials for security features and for sensor applications. Since 2011 he is employed at Holst Centre as a process engineer for inkjet printing. Focus of the research is on printing of functional structures for flexible electronic applications.

Company Profile (Holst Centre / TNO)

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Are you looking for a reliable development partner, who can help to accelerate your R&D projects in wireless autonomous sensors and flexible electronics ?
As a flexible, independent R&D centre, we can do just that: by testing alternative solutions and materials, by developing and validating new processes, by de-risking potential scale-up scenarios.
We help to close the gap between research and actual business, both in an open innovation setting and in dedicated 1-on-1 research trajectories.
By partnering with Holst Centre, you benefit from the know-how and expertise of our researchers and you gain access to our state-of-the art lab infrastructure. Moreover, we introduce you to an eco-system that covers the entire value chain, including material suppliers, equipment builders all the way to manufacturers of end-products. This allows you to accelerate your time-to-market considerably. By the end of the project, you not only acquire new product concepts, but also the materials, tools and contract manufacturers, ready to produce.
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