Red Queen Protocol (3D Printing USA 2016)

Lance Pickens, CEO/Founder
United States


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USA 2016 Audio Presentation - MadeSolid*

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Speaker Biography (Lance Pickens)

Lance Pickens is a Founder, CEO, and Lead Chemist at MadeSolid, Inc, a company focused on material innovation in 3D Printing. Lance provides the overarching vision and guidance to MadeSolid's research and development projects. With a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Southern California, Lance possesses the technical expertise and experience to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing. His prior experience includes developing UV cure polymer formulations for use in additive manufacturing, as well as software tools for 3D Printing. Lance and MadeSolid founders are alumni of the Y Combinator program in Silicon Valley. Currently, Lance is leading the development of a number of specialty photopolymer resins for use in consumer level SLA 3D printers. He is passionate about bringing manufacturing to the masses and believes that chemistry is fundamental to future of 3D Printing.

Company Profile (MadeSolid)

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MadeSolid, Inc. develops advanced materials for 3D printers with a meticulous focus on superior mechanical properties while promoting ease of use. MadeSolid is democratizing innovation by giving everyday 3D Printers the power to make functional parts. With the help of early beta users, a crowdsourcing campaign, and graduating from Y Combinator, MadeSolid has released several products that give 3D printer users access to advanced materials. MadeSolid believes in a future where everything is printed, and chemistry is key to building that future.
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