Renault Trucks Energy Strategy For Future Transportation (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2018)

Dr Francois Savoye, Energy Efficiency Strategy Director
Renault Trucks


Europe 2018 Presentation - Renault Trucks*

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Presentation Summary

Transport industry is facing major challenges. Amongst these challenges, the need to find solutions to improve air quality and CO2 emissions. Dr François SAVOYE will present Renault Truck's roadmap for cleaner and more sustainable transports and an overview of the challenges ahead.

Speaker Biography (Francois Savoye)

Dr-Ing François SAVOYE has started his career in the Volvo Group in 2008 as a Li-ion battery expert. After several years of research on ageing and performance optimization of energy storage systems in embedded applications, he took the lead of various research programs dedicated to the development of electric and hybrid vehicle technologies for the Volvo Group applications. From 2015, François SAVOYE is the head of energy efficiency strategy for the Renault Trucks company which includes all topics related to reducing fuel consumption of diesel vehicles but also all alternative energies throughout all Renault Trucks'vehicle ranges.