Revolutionary Anodes For High Capacity Li-Ion Batteries (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2019)

Dr Arnon Blum, CEO


Europe 2019 (pdf) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

The markets for electric vehicles and portable electronics have generated a demand for better performance of lithium-ion batteries, thus switching from conventional graphite cells to silicon that offers a higher capacity. Silib is focusing on the development and commercialization innovative Si-based anodes for Li-ion batteries. We are developing nanostructured silicon anodes in a simple manufacturing by using a novel, low cost and high mass loading process without the use of catalyst, nor graphite or binders. Our anodes demonstrate hundreds of cycles and very low irreversible capacity.

Speaker Biography (Arnon Blum)

Dr. Arnon Blum is an entrepreneur with over 20 years in management experience. focuses on developing, launching and running new tech-companies mainly in the energy and battery sector
Arnon holds Ph.D. in Electrochimstry and MBA

Company Profile (SiLiB)

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Silib is an early stage company aimed at developing and commercializing revolutionary 100% silicon-based anodes for li-ion batteries with extremely high energy content. Our technology can increase the battery capacity by over 40% with the same battery form factor compared to graphite based anodes.
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