The Cost Effective And Sustainable Electric Vehicle Traction Motor Technology (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing Europe 2019)

Dr Aleksas Stuikys, Chief Engineer
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

Electric motor technology is at the heart of every electric and hybrid vehicle. Since the presently global electrification of transportation effort is primarily concerned with sustainable methods of transportation, in turn, it is very important to ensure that the electric vehicle technology itself is based upon low-cost, sustainable and recyclable materials. As the number of electric vehicles on our roads is growing at an unprecedented rate their affordability at the start and recyclability at the end of useful lifecycle must be addressed right from the beginning. As is well known from the past technological experiences; everything can be recycled, yet by far not everything can be recycled affordably. RETORQ electric traction motor technology based on the REluctance TORQue principle stands as the strongest candidate technology in achieving the low-cost and sustainability goals in order to realize the full potential and benefits of the sustainable electric vehicle technology for the present and the future generations of mankind. In this presentation we demonstrate the unique combination of the advantages RETORQ motor technology can offer; including advanced and unique design and integration features, and how this technology is solving the pressing challenges of the affordability, recyclability and sustainability in the mass-electrification of transportation effort.

Speaker Biography (Aleksas Stuikys)

Dr Aleksas Stuikys is the founder and chief engineer at RETORQ Motors Ltd. company developing and manufacturing advanced automotive traction systems based on the revolutionary REluctance TORQue motor technology.
Dr Stuikys research interests are in the electric propulsion systems, including traction motors and power converters; their modelling, simulation and design optimization for the electrification and hybridisation of cars and for the sustainable transportation more generally. He completed the research degree in electric machines simulation and modelling and prior to this he worked as an engineer in the electric machines and automotive industries.

Company Profile (RETORQ Motors)

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RETORQ Motors - Electrification of Transportation
RETORQ Motors company designs and manufactures advanced electric traction motors-generators based on its proprietary axial flux REluctance TORQue motor technology. RETORQ Motors team is at the cutting edge of low-cost, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable electric propulsion solutions speeding-up the mass-electrification of transportation effort.
The company has recognised the urgent need for the affordable, cost-effective and sustainable transportation solutions for the mass consumer automotive sector. Alternative electric traction motor technologies are very expensive and utilise difficult to source raw materials - this approach is unlikely to be effective given that the market wide acceptance of electric and hybrid cars is urgently needed. RETORQ Motors company mission is to offer low cost, cost-effective and sustainable electric traction motors for the next generation transportation sector, one which - compared to the existing transportation sector - is much more environmentally friendly and economically sustainable in the long term.
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