The Next-Generation of Active RFID Systems: New Standards, New Technologies (Active RFID Summit 2007)

Dr Rich Fletcher, President
TagSense Inc, United States
Dec 06, 2007.


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Presentation Summary

  • New features of next-generation systems - RTLS, batteries, security, and sensor integration
  • Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and simple 802.15.4 - is there really any best standard?
  • Key features to keep in mind when choosing an active RFID solution
  • The emergence of EPC Semi-passive tags as a substitute for Active RFID

Speaker Biography (Rich Fletcher)

Dr. Rich Fletcher is co-founder of Ashametrics and is currently Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab. Dr. Fletcher has 15 years experience working in the area of RFID and wireless sensors, including a variety of health-related technologies. Dr. Fletcher is an MIT alumnus (Physics, Electrical Engineering) and is also an entrepreneur, having founded several companies in the area of wireless sensors and mobile technologies (e.g. TagSense, Inc., First-Mile Solutions). With family roots in Colombia, South America, Dr. Fletcher has also devoted much of his life to developing low-cost scalable mobile technologies for developing countries, many of which are targeted for Global Health.

Company Profile (TagSense)

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Ashametrics designs, manufactures, and sells OEM software and hardware solutions for mobile health. Products include a variety of mobile phone applications that support a variety of biomedical and consumer devices for health monitoring and disease management , such as glucose meters, blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, and supports integration of health data to online medical record systems such as Google Health. Ashametrics emerged as a spin-off company of TagSense, a manufacturer of wireless sensor hardware.
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