Thermal Energy Harvesting for Embedded Wireless Solutions (Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2013)

Mr Bob Collins, Business Development
Laird Technologies
United States
Nov 21, 2013.


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Laird Technologies (Mr Bob Collins) - Audio Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

Advances in embedded wireless sensors have led to an increased interest in the use of renewable power sources to replace or augment existing power systems. The use of heat is an attractive source of energy for many low-power sensor applications. Thermoelectric systems can convert heat into electricity for a variety of self-contained, autonomous systems.

Speaker Biography (Robert Collins)

Bob Collins is a VP of Business Development at Laird. He has over 28 years of experience in the sales, marketing, and management of products ranging from in-flight entertainment systems and imaging to printing equipment and computer supplies. Most recently, Bob was VP of Business Development at Nextreme Thermal Solutions and SVP Business Development/Defense & Aerospace Programs Operations & Development at BSST, a subsidiary of Amerigon Inc, the world's largest supplier of thermoelectric systems to the automotive industry. Bob received his BS in Computer Science from North Carolina State University and his MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Company Profile (Laird Technologies)

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Laird is a global technology company focused on providing components and solutions that protect electronic devices from electromagnetic interference and heat, and that enable connectivity through wireless applications and antenna systems. Custom products are supplied to all sectors of the electronics industry including the handset, telecommunications, data transfer and information technology, automotive, aerospace, defense, consumer, medical, mining, railroad and industrial markets. Laird employs over 9,000 employees in more than 47 facilities located in 16 countries.
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