Thermal, Solar, and Vibration Energy Harvesting Applications and System Solutions (Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2011)

Mr Chris Townsend, Vice President
United States
Nov 16, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • Applications of thermal, solar, and vibration energy harvesters for wireless sensing systems will be presented.
  • Each application's unique design challenges will be outlined.
  • Systems for energy harvesting, energy storage, data aggregation, and data transmission that meet these challenges will be described.

Speaker Biography (Chris Townsend)

Christopher Townsend received his BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Vermont in 1990. He has been awarded over 20 US patents, and has contributed to 14 journal publications and a wide range of presentations and abstracts in the area of advanced instrumentation, wireless sensing, and energy harvesting. Townsend is Executive Vice President of Engineering for MicroStrain, Inc, which specializes in smart sensing systems with expertise in wireless sensor networks, inertial sensing, precision displacement sensing, and energy harvesting.

Company Profile (MicroStrain)

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Founded in Williston, Vermont, 1987, MicroStrain is a privately held corporation producing innovative wireless, micro-miniature displacement, orientation and strain sensor networks for the next generation of smart machines and structures. Our patented wireless sensing systems combine advanced, time-synchronized micro-power electronics with miniaturized vibration, strain, and solar energy harvesters. These systems are reliable, easy to install, and eliminate costly wiring and battery replacement.
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