Ultracap based Storage - The Future of E-Mobility (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2016)

Mr Omer Ghani, CEO
Kilowatt Labs, Inc.
United States


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Presentation Summary

Kilowatt Labs' Sirius is an ultracap based storage solution for EV's that charges in less than 30 seconds, has a cycle life of 40 years, no fade, degradation or failure in hot or cold climates. The Sirius enables EV ownership without changing consumer behaviour, accelerating the transition from fossil fuel.

Speaker Biography (Omer Ghani)

Omer launched Kilowatt Labs in 2015 with a conviction that better solutions to the world's complex energy problems are within reach.
With over 25 years of experience in media, manufacturing, professional services, and corporate finance, Omer brings to Kilowatt Labs his business acumen and passion for building companies that fundamentally reshape the landscapes in which they operate.
A regular publisher of articles and speaker at leading energy conferences worldwide, Omer is passionate about sharing his vision for how technological innovation can unlock the potential of renewable energy and provide practical, long-term solutions to some of the world's most pressing energy challenges.
Prior to Kilowatt Labs, Omer founded CNBC Arabia, the Arab world's first 24-hour Arabic language business news channel.
As co-founder of Dynaforge (which later became part of Mannan Shahid Forgings), Pakistan's leading automotive parts manufacturer, Omer established the country's first export markets to US and European markets, making it possible for other Pakistani manufacturers to do the same.
Omer's additional experience includes several years as engagement manager for KPMG Consulting in Karachi, delivering strategic solutions to some of the largest institutions in Pakistan, and two years as manager in the merchant banking division of London's Bank of Credit and Commerce International.
Omer holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University.

Company Profile (Kilowatt Labs, Inc.)

Kilowatt Labs, Inc. logo
Kilowatt Labs is a New York City headquartered technology company focused on the creation of innovative products that address the world's most complex energy problems. The company designs, manufactures and sells energy storage and power management solutions that deliver unprecedented performance across a broad range of industrial, commercial and residential applications, and facilitate the integration of renewable energy into conventional energy distribution systems, ultimately making reliable energy accessible everywhere including in underserved regions.
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