Unlocking Graphene Potential Through Integrated Products (Graphene USA 2019)

Dr Stephen Hutchins, Technical Sales Director
Talga Technologies
United Kingdom


USA 2019 _ Talga Technologies Ltd _ Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

The commercialisation of graphene has been stymied to date by the inability of end users to easily integrate raw graphene powders and dispersions. Talga's approach is to produce 'fit for purpose' graphene products tuned for easier integration and faster adoption. Additionally, with the benefits and scale of full vertical integration, production costs may be driven below existing carbon materials such as CNT's and synthetic graphite, to provide stronger incentive for adoption and reach large volume markets in coatings, batteries, polymer composites and concrete/construction. Our integrated scale up ready strategy and recent graphene enhanced products are presented.

Speaker Biography (Stephen Hutchins)

Dr Stephen Hutchins heads up Talga's Sales and Marketing department as the Company's Technical Sales Director. Dr Hutchins has a PhD in Surface Physics and was previously the Chief Operating Officer for coatings technology company Keronite.
Other previous roles include Head of Sales at Lotus Engineering, an internationally recognised automotive engineering consultancy providing services to many of the world's top automakers, and Scientist at Topexpress Ltd where he provided engineering consultancy to aerospace, automotive, maritime and industrial clients.