UV Color Protection With Graphene (Graphene Europe 2016)

Mr Michel de Ruiter, Owner & Founder


Europe 2016 Presentation - PrintAgora*
Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - PrintAgora*

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Presentation Summary

To make fullcolor printed concrete pavers we adopted a composite stategy. Use the propeties of one material to use the propeties of another. After solving questions specific to printing on concrete pavers, UV degredation became the biggist influence to the lifecycle of our outdoor digital prints. Graphene proved to be the ingredient that made all the components better.

Speaker Biography (Michel de Ruiter)

I am Michel de Ruiter, owner of PrintAgora. Born on 29 of september in 1964. I live together with Lucienne and our 4 childeren in Kampen in the Netherlands. I started PrintAgora in 2011 as a spin off and focussing on outdoor printing.

Company Profile (PrintAgora)

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The name is contraction of two meanings. Print stands for the reproduction and Agora for the gathering place for education and socialising. Öur first products were printed concrete pavers and I later developed printing in composite materials (fibre reinforced plastics). I am driven by curiosity and a constant dissatisfaction on present posibilities. I believe every object, material or idea has more potential if combined with other objects, materials or ideas.
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