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Research Articles

by Dr Richard Collins

23 Aug 2023

What Role Will Membranes Play in Carbon Capture?

CCUS is a central part of every industrial decarbonization roadmap. At its heart, this is a separation challenge, which therefore brings about the question of whether membranes can be used.
10 Jul 2023

Advanced Gas Separation Membrane Materials Enter the Market

For many decades there has been an extensive amount of materials science R&D focussed on developing next-generation gas separation membranes. However, to date, the market is still dominated by those polymeric materials that initially gained commercial adoption in the late 20th century.
06 Jun 2023

Decarbonization Opens up New Markets for Gas Separation Membranes

Decarbonization is the main market driver across the industrial sector. In every roadmap there is an evolving mix of solutions that span the technology readiness spectrum, each with their own proponents and critics.
02 Mar 2023

Importantes novedades en el avance de las baterías de grafeno

Utilizar el grafeno para mejorar el rendimiento de los dispositivos de almacenamiento de energía ha sido un objetivo clave desde que se aisló el material 2D. Tan pronto como se establecieron los primeros fabricantes comerciales de grafeno, ha habido un flujo constante de anuncios relacionados con las baterías, pero quizás ninguno sea tan significativo como la noticia de 2023 de la entrada de Evonik en este campo con su inversión en SuperC.
16 Jan 2023

Where Will You See Chemically Recycled Plastic Products?

Chemical recycling end-of-life plastic has its champions and its critics. IDTechEx does not believe these advanced recycling solutions are the much-promised silver bullet, but nor do they think they have no role to play in a circular economy.
12 Jan 2023

What to Expect From the Graphene Industry in 2023

Is this the year of rapid graphene sales? Are we slipping deeper into a disillusionment phase? Who will emerge as the market leaders? Is consolidation inevitable? 2023 will be a telling year for the industry.
08 Dec 2022

Technology Developments Pushing the Frontiers of Chemical Recycling

Chemical recycling of plastic waste is gaining momentum. Headlines on investments, planned expansions, and real-world product launches are all accelerating in frequency and scale.
29 Nov 2022

Sustainable Polymer Industry Reacts to Increased Market Drivers

A key requirement for every company in the polymer value chain is to develop and deliver a sustainability roadmap. The market drivers are becoming more significant, and industry activity is responding accordingly.
11 Nov 2022

Nanocarbons in 2022: Small Sized but With a Growing Commercial Impact

The field of nanocarbons is not new and it has certainly been the victim of too much hype and false dawns, but things have changed. Across 2022 and into the decade ahead, CNTs and graphene will enter different phases of their industrial expansion.
19 Oct 2022

Essential Market Forecasts for the Chemical Recycling of Plastic Waste

IDTechEx has launched a new market report providing a technical assessment and independent market outlook on the topic; overall, it is forecast that pyrolysis and depolymerization plants will recycle over 20 million tonnes/year of plastic waste by 2033.
05 Oct 2022

Is Graphene Green?

Is Graphene Green? This question comes up an increasing amount. Green drivers and ESG investments are an obvious focus across the supply chain, but where does graphene fit into this discussion? IDTechEx explore the answer in this article.
08 Sep 2022

Graphene Supply Outstrips Demand

As of mid-2022, the global graphene and graphene oxide installed capacity easily exceeds 12,000 tonnes per year, but utilization is low as the orders lag significantly behind. Is this a natural part of the commercial journey, or has hype overcome reality? Is this a case of "build it, they will come", or are there real market needs? What does the future hold for these graphene manufacturers? IDTechEx provides an independent perspective on these questions and more.