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Research Articles

by Luke Gear

03 Aug 2023

Beyond Ferries: The Future of Electric Ship Markets

Over 1GWh of batteries are now sailing on waters globally, reflecting 72% industry growth in 2022. Despite this, there have been several challenges that shipbuilders and maritime battery suppliers have had to navigate in recent years.
01 Aug 2023

LTO Batteries Supercharge Electric Train Markets

While abbreviations for Li-ion cell chemistries - NMC, NCA, LFP, etc. - typically refer to the cathode's elements, 'LTO' refers to a cell with a lithium titanate oxide anode that replaces graphite. LTO brings unique high-power cell characteristics, more comparable to a supercapacitor than a battery, creating new electrification opportunities for train OEMs.
13 Jul 2023

EV SiC Adoption Advances as Tesla Announces 75% Reduction

There is no denying that silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs are the story of the next decade for electric vehicle power electronics. The material improves powertrain efficiency (EV range), operates at higher voltages for faster charging, and creates new materials opportunities, such as Ag or Cu sintering, as power densities and operational temperatures increase.
27 Jun 2023

Los mercados de barcos y buques eléctricos superarán 1 GWH en 2023, según IDTechEx

En la mayoría de los sectores de vehículos eléctricos terrestres analizados por IDTechEx, se prevé una transición a sistemas de propulsión eléctrica por baterías en las próximas dos décadas. El caso no es tan sencillo en el sector marítimo: debido a la enorme escala de los requisitos de potencia, energía y distancia de los buques mercantes, la reducción de las emisiones marítimas requerirá soluciones que van desde los sistemas de baterías gigantes de iones de litio hasta las pilas de combustible ecológicas de hidrógeno y otros combustibles alternativos.
11 Apr 2023

Battery Electric Train Deliveries on Track to Quadruple in 2023

Today's rail networks largely consist of electric trains 'tethered' to electric overhead and live rail systems. However, this is not feasible everywhere due to the high infrastructure cost/mile, remote geographic locations, and the practicality of building through tunnels and bridges.
24 Mar 2023

Tantalizing Potential for GaN in Electric Vehicle Power Electronics

As electric vehicle (EV) power electronics undergoes a paradigm shift towards wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors, it is clear that silicon carbide (SiC) is becoming the material of choice, while gallium nitride (GaN) is often shoe-boxed into telecommunications or optoelectronics applications.
07 Mar 2023

Fuel Cell Boats & Ships, a Methanol to the Madness

IDTechEx has published a series of articles recently covering hydrogen- and ammonia-powered fuel cell (FC) demand in shipping. One of the most common responses to this has been - what about methanol?
28 Feb 2023

800V EVs Charge into the Mainstream using SiC Power Electronics

The demand for electric vehicle (EV) power electronics will increase dramatically in the next ten years, primarily driven by rapid growth in the BEV car market, where IDTechEx predicts a 15% CAGR globally over the next decade.
31 Jan 2023

Why Hydrogen Fuel Cell Adoption Is Accelerating in Marine Markets

The maritime sector, which accounts for approximately 2.9% of global carbon emissions, is seeking to meet broader climate goals such as the Paris Agreement and 'Fit for 55' in Europe. Since it is the largest vessels, such as sea-going cargo vessels, which tend to contribute the most to maritime emissions, this presents a huge challenge.
09 Dec 2022

How Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells Could Save the Maritime Sector

It is becoming prosaic to say there is no 'silver bullet' for marine decarbonization. But it might be fitting to say 'multiple silver bullets' are emerging since between batteries, fuel cells (FC), green hydrogen, green ammonia, e-methane and carbon capture, decarbonization across all marine subsegments might just be possible.
18 Nov 2022

Electric Vehicle Markets & Technologies on the Road to 2023

It has been another momentous year for electric vehicle markets and technologies, with major policy developments, sales growth, and landmark models set to enter the market.
27 Oct 2022

30 Giga-Watt Hours of Electric Vehicle Markets Beyond Cars

While electric cars will remain the largest electric vehicle market for the foreseeable future in terms of battery demand and market revenue generation, most transport sectors are facing a transition. In this article, IDTechEx summarizes key developments in non-automotive sectors, showing each sector's global battery demand (in 2021) for relative scale.