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Tanktwo Electric Car batteries give drivers a full charge in under three minutes, yet cost less than standard battery packs. Our out-of-the-box distributed design breaks the last battery technology barrier using technologies from mobile networks and the internet.
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9 Jan 2018

Rolled-Ribbon Battery Company

13 Dec 2017

Report on IDTechEx Show! USA 2017

The following article summarises some of the key observations made by IDTechEx analysts during the IDTechEx Show! It contains details of many of the companies demonstrating products during the exhibition, notable presentations given and summaries of relevant conversations and recent updates.
15 Nov 2017

Smart Cells, Variable Pack, 3 Minute Charge

TankTwo, United States
21 Sep 2017

Energy Storage Innovations USA 2017

Energy Storage Innovations (ESI) USA 2017 is the leading conference to learn about new developments in battery technology. Organised by the technology consulting firm IDTechEx, ESI's aim is to bring together different players in the value chain.
11 May 2017

Battery Innovation Makes EVs Suitable For Ride Sharing

Tanktwo Oy, Finland
9 Mar 2017

Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2017

The field of battery energy storage is set to grow significantly over the coming years. The question that incumbents, raw materials suppliers, end users, and innovators are all asking themselves is whether Li-ion batteries will keep the lion's share of the market, or whether disruptive innovation will drive technology diversification according to applications.
17 Nov 2016

Building Low-Cost EVs With 300+ Miles Of Range

TankTwo, United States
8 Nov 2016


7 Oct 2016

If we can't make better batteries, let's make them smarter

IDTechEx Technology Analyst Lorenzo Grande looks at the example of TankTwo. While the US Government throws millions of dollars into post-Li-ion development, and private companies struggle with smartphone recalls due to defective batteries, a bunch of innovative inventors are putting a good deal of lateral thinking into how to make the best of what is already on the market.
5 Oct 2016


TankTwo is a Finnish company developing smart Li-ion batteries that enable a full charge in 3 minutes by physically refuelling an EV tank with 18650 cells.
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23 Jun 2016

TankTwo Showcases String Batteries at the IDTechEx Show! In Berlin

Video interview with TankTwo at the IDTechEx Show! (27-28 April, 2016 | Berlin, Germany).