3D Printing Ceramics: The Newcomer to Additive Manufacturing

Ceramic 3D printing is an emerging segment within the 3D printing industry that began its commercial journey in the past 10 years, making it a relative newcomer compared with polymer and metal 3D printing. However, increasing entrants into the field in the past few years, from major ceramics companies to small 3D printing start-ups, illustrates that interest in ceramic additive manufacturing is picking up.
Ceramic 3D printing has been used primarily for research & development and prototypes, but it is seeing increasing interest from sectors looking for ceramic tooling and small-batch parts. This includes high-value sectors such as investment casting for aerospace & defense, chemical engineering, and dentistry. This interest from high-value sectors forecasts a bright future for the speciality, which IDTechEx forecasts to grow 7-fold to $400M by 2032.
In this webinar, Sona Dadhania (Technology Analyst at IDTechEx), will give a detailed overview of the market including:
  • Key players
  • Materials classification and benchmarking
  • Applications and case studies
  • Market outlook for applications
For more information on this industry see the latest market report "3D Printing Ceramics 2022-2032: Technology and Market Outlook". This report provides a comprehensive view for the 3D printing market for ceramics including granular 10-year forecasts, material and printer benchmarking studies and interview-based company profiles.