Exploring Antenna Packaging Technologies: From 5G mmWave to 6G

Transitioning towards higher telecommunication frequencies such as mmWave and potentially sub-THz to THz ranges brings forth numerous challenges in RF devices due to significant signal attenuation. One critical challenge lies in antenna packaging. With the reduction in antenna size at higher frequencies, effectively integrating them with active and passive components within a substrate becomes crucial to minimize transmission losses.
In this webinar, Dr. Yu-Han Chang, a Senior Technology Analyst, will share some insights from IDTechEx's new "Antenna in Package (AiP) for 5G and 6G 2024-2034: Technologies, Trends, Markets" market research report. This new report, investigates antenna packaging technologies for 5G mmWave and 6G networks. It examines substrate technologies like organic, LTCC, and glass, along with packaging methods such as flip-chip and fan-out (IC embedded). Drawing insights from various case studies, direct interviews with industry leaders, and IDTechEx's proficiency in 5G and 6G development, the report provides a comprehensive technology benchmark on packaging and substrate technologies. It offers in-depth analyses of technical and industry challenges, supply chain dynamics, and market projections.
This webinar will include:
  • An overview of antenna packaging technologies for high frequency telecommunication
  • Antenna packaging strategies for mmWave:
• Current status of 5G mmWave
• Antenna packaging technology roadmap
• Case studies
• Market outlook
  • Antenna packaging strategies for 6G (beyond 100 GHz)
• Development roadmap for 6G
• Antenna packaging technology roadmap
• Case studies
• Challenges and Solutions