Robotics Technology and Market Evolution in 2023: A Remarkable Year Draws to a Close

Building upon the trends from the previous year and major market developments, such as Amazon's introduction of the fully autonomous mobile robot (AMR) Proetus in its warehouses, Walmart's adoption of delivery drones, the release of Kawasaki's Cobot series in collaboration with Neura Robotics, and Rockwell Automation's acquisition of Clearpath Robotics, the robotics market has enjoyed another prosperous year in 2023 across various domains. Some of the common applications include mobile robots for logistics and delivery, service robots, collaborative robots, and agricultural robots. Sensors are at the heart of these robotic applications, playing a vital role. With the increasing transition toward higher levels of autonomy and intelligence, various sensors such as cameras, LiDAR, and radar are being utilized more extensively.
In this webinar, IDTechEx provides a comprehensive overview of the key applications of different robots and technologies, as well as insights into industrial trends and business prospects for 2024. The content covered in this webinar includes:
  • Mobile Robotics: Emerging applications, challenges, innovative solutions, and the latest market developments.
  • Service Robots - different applications experience different growth rate.
  • Collaborative Robots - technologies and industrial news.
  • Sensors for Robotics: An analysis of key sensors.
This webinar shares some of the research from the IDTechEx robotics market research portfolio.